Young Bulls 4 Moms

The riper the berry, the sweeter the juice


Attention Young Men! You are the lovers of a new generation. You are the stallions, the strong vigorous “Bulls” – (a common term of the ‘B.D.S.M.’ lingo) ready to unleash your full sexual firepower.
If you have ever fantasized about, or if you might even have a pressing urge to be with an older woman who can show you the ropes of total sexual satisfaction, our party will be the perfect arena for you. There will be plenty of experienced temptresses eager to play with you while our various playgrounds will give you both ample opportunity to drive each other to climactic heights – and turn this party into a breathtaking carnival of indulgent excess.

Young Bulls, 35 and younger, pay only half of the entrance fee at this party.
☞ Please bring some form of identification for verification.

At our event, Moms – every woman from 35 to……. – are the ‘cougars’ who relish the attention of energetic younger men. They are seductive vixens who know the road plan of their sensuality and radiate a sexual confidence that cannot be found at any gym. During our parties, they are invited to introduce lucky young bulls to the intricacies of true mutual sexual fulfillment. They are no princesses but Queens of the wilderness- of desire, lust, and gratification.

You can also look forward to fantastic music at our Hedonistic Events! We take enormous pride in delivering plenty of exciting beats during our Bulls4Moms or any other event. Frolicking in and around the dance floor also gives you ample opportunity to get in touch with each other before you get down and dirty. Therefore, please expect to enjoy some exciting hyper-charged electronic tech- house vibrations.



Who will enjoy this party?


“Young Bulls 4 Moms” – is a new party theme in which – “Young Bulls” (single men/stallions) who are good team players can find the utmost physical and mental satisfaction. Ladies, our Moms, who love to please and be pleased will also enjoy an evening of excessive glee. Cuckold couples, and gentlemen who take pleasure in sharing their partners, as well as lovers of MMF, gang-bang, and train constellations will also love this party.

All swingers and swinging couples who rejoice in wild dancing and partying will also have massive amounts of indecent fun.

Shy young men should be aware that they will be in serious danger of turning into a bold and randy “ToyBoy”. 




For the Gentlemen black is beautiful. Keep in mind that the ladies highly appreciate bare chests above black slacks. We welcome all semi- formal to formal evening attire and acceptable outfits for the gentlemen range from black evening suits to tuxedos and tailcoats. We also embrace all stylish fetish wearers, to include latex, leather, burlesque, etc. Please make sure to accessorize your outfit with the appropriate footwear.

The Ladies have free choice- the bigger the tease the better. They may wear anything sexy and seductive from elegant to slutty. This includes leather, latex, uniforms, their little black dress, near to nothing lingerie, etc. – or you just simply slip on your shoes and pearls.

We strictly monitor adherence to the dress code and reserve the right to deny entrance to our event based on inappropriate dress. We will not permit everyday street clothes such as jeans, athletic socks, flip-flops… etc.


Entrance fees:


Event Price for Ladies:
65 Euros with Milkersdorf Membership Card = MMC   (75 Euros for Newcomers)

Event Price for Young Bulls (35 and younger):
67,50 Euros with MMC   (75 Euros for Newcomers)

Event Price for Couples:
135 Euros with MMC   (150 Euros for Newcomers)

Event Price for Gentlemen: (from 36 years):
135 Euros with MMC   (150 Euros for Newcomers)


This is a cash only event and we will collect all fees to include those connected with our Sorglospaket (‘Carefree’-hotel included – package) upon arrival and entrance to the event. Payment by debit- or credit card is not possible. (Please visit our registration page for more information on our ‘Carefree -Package’)


Our parties are All-Inclusive events:
Purchase of an event ticket includes unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from our bar and restaurant as well as all buffet food. You may freely savor our broad assortment of high class spirits such as selected Malt-Whiskeys, Absinth and Gin, as well as Cocktails, Wine, and Pro-Secco. (- the only exceptions her are Cognac, Champaign and Cigars which can be purchased at additional costs) Our exquisite buffet offers a colorful variety of hot and cold culinary delicacies (appetizers, entrees, and deserts) to satisfy different tastes and hungers.

Entry to the party also includes free access to our luxurious spa located in the vaults of the castle. For your convenience, we provide robes and towels for your sauna or whirlpool visit at no additional cost.


Registration “Young Bulls 4 Moms”



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